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  • Do Your Drains Smell Bad? Here’s Why

    You’ve just finished dinner, washed the dishes, and disinfected the counter tops. But something still stinks, so you give the stove and the sink a good scrub down as well, just for good measure. Something still stinks – and you think it’s the drain. What do you do now? (Hint: don’t reach for a chemical drain cleaner. That stuff is terrible for your pipes and the environment – you will find yourself paying for it ...

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  • A Few Must-Know Plumbing Terms

    Keeping up on your home plumbing system is essential to maintaining its health and saving you money down the line. Although we always recommend calling a professional to take care of any repairs or maintenance, it would help to know a thing or two about the business so that you can know what to look out for and be better prepared in case of an emergency. Here are some must-know plumbing terms from Clearview that ...

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  • Common Air Conditioner Malfunctions

    Most of us take the reliable functioning of our air conditioners for granted. However, the last thing you want during a hot day is for your air conditioner to not be working properly or break down altogether. Proper maintenance is the key of course, and will help ensure dependable cooling while lowering your energy costs. Below are some common air conditioner malfunctions you need to watch out for. If you experience any of these, call us ...

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