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So, you’ve started the dishwasher, you’ve hopped in the shower and then … yikes! That nice flow of hot water disappeared in a nano-second. Maybe it’s time for a new hot water heater.

There are two different kinds of water heaters on the market today. One, and the one you’re probably most familiar with, is a tank heater. Then, there are tankless water heaters. And there are a number of varieties of both. What you need is an expert to help you find out which is best for your home. That would be us!

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your hot water needs. We’ll take into account how many people are living in the house, how often you run the dishwasher and the washing machine, and when is your demand for hot water the greatest. Then, we’ll go over some options for you to consider, pointing out which hot water system will give the biggest bang for your buck, plus all the hot water you’ll need.

Look, you’re going to be making a decision that you’ll be living with for a long time. Doesn’t it make sense to get all the facts from the hot water experts at ClearView? Over the years we’ve helped thousands of home owners get the best possible system for their homes, at the most economical prices. Now we’d like to do it for you.

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