Selecting a reputable contractor is a key consideration in any decision to buy or modify a heating system. The following tips by our team at ClearView will guide you in choosing the right service to carry out the installation of your heat pump.

The installation process of a heat pump is a complicated and involves complex wiring, pipe connecting and insulation tasks. We highly recommend that you hire a professional to provide you with topnotch equipment and installation at affordable rates. Please ensure that the contractor you hire is qualified to install and maintain your equipment because a mediocre contractor could easily damage your newly installed equipment.

The service provider should pay a minimum of two visits to your property. For the first visit, the technician will be tasked to produce a report to calculate the heating and cooling loads of your home. After those numbers are produced, it will be easier for the contractor to match the heat pump that corresponds best to the needs of your property. The contractor should be willing to provide you with detailed information regarding the operation and warranties of the newly installed pump. If the contractor is not willing to guarantee their installation work, this raises a red flag.

At ClearView Plumbing we pride ourselves in having one of the most efficient teams of professionally trained technicians and service engineers. We take it as a primary policy to communicate all information clearly and transparently with our clients.

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Written by Kyle Lumsden

Kyle Lumsden